July 3, 2018

Back From a Break!

It’s been more than a few months since my last blog post!  Part of the reason for this long gap is my position as a high school Social Studies teacher.  A lot of creative energy goes into engaging high schoolers in a discussion about our country: its history and current issues.

On a more personal note, I needed to take a step back from my art & Etsy.  My shop success or lack of was really weighing on my creativity. I was doing that comparing thing where I read others successes and think “Where is mine?”  So much of what I was reading about running a handmade business in Facebook Groups and Etsy blogs didn’t jive with what I wanted as an artist. There is a lot of emphasis on finding what sells, looking for trends, and making what the market wants.  But as an artist, I want to create what I envision. I’m not in this to be another ‘worker bee’ producer in the market.

So after taking this much needed time off, the creative juices started flowing again and I started painting.  A teacher friend gave me clothespins from a classroom that were headed for the trash can. They had student names written on them.  I came up with 3 design ideas; dog bones, flowers, and turtles. From there, I was inspired to paint daisies for my new logo and my handbags, followed by the urge to sew, followed by more dog themed clothespin ideas; fire hydrant, ID tag, and dog house.


My art will find its market.  I feel so much better about what I am creating and much more fulfilled inside.  Also from this break, my new logo and updated website banner emerged.

I look forward to sharing my art and more hiking adventures throughout this summer and into the fall.  

Happy July!