August 19, 2018

Rocky Ridge Hike

This hike blog is dedicated to my old dog, Rissy.  We used to go to Rocky Ridge Park and run loop #2.  And while dogs were supposed to be leashed, due to the ‘rocky’ trail and my ability to trust Rissy, she was often off leash for the back 1.5 miles.  Jules, my dog now, is part hound dog and unfortunately cannot be trusted off leash. While she and I have been to the trail, we do not go as often. The #2 trail can get very rocky and it can be dangerous to be jogging with a dog on a leash.

Myself & Rissy
Jules at Rocky Ridge
Rocky Ridge is one of York County, Pennsylvania’s eleven county parks.  This year, 2018, marks the 50th year of the York County Park System!  Rocky Ridge was the first county park to be established.  The park was purchased for $153,000 in 1968. Kerry Flinchbaugh, a William Penn High School student, won the contest to name it.  It gets its name from the abundant amount or rocks and boulders found on this ridge top.


Jogging through the trees and mountain laurel, one feels like you are in another world, a fairyland.  It is rare to run into other people, though it is popular with mountain bikers. When you emerge from the woods, there is an observation deck where one can take in the view of the area.  The return stretch to the parking lot is surrounded by wildflowers and butterflies. There is a small pond full of bullfrogs, dragonflies, and cattails. In mid-summer, the pond is often dried up with only the cattails remaining.

Loop #2 is one of nine numbered trails.  Each trail is clearly labeled. The park boasts twelve miles of trails open to hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.  Both Rissy and Jules looked at these large mammals with puzzlement; what is this super large dog that does not smell like a dog?
Entrance to Loop#2 from Loop#1
Observation Deck
I often grumble about what York County lacks, but one thing it definitely does not lack is quality hiking and biking trails surrounded by beautiful nature.  We often forget the beauty just outside our front door. Maybe you have a local park that you enjoy.

*All photos taken and owned by me