July 15, 2019

Handpainted Bookmark DIY

Those that have been following my Snowywinds art journey may have noticed that I like to paint on found or repurposed objects: clothespins, seashells, bricks, and denim.  Last year I did a DIY blog post on magnetic, clothespin chip clips. Today I’m going to share a few ideas for bookmarks made using tongue depressor sized craft sticks.

In addition to painting and hiking, I also love to read.  My interest in books led me to search Pinterest for DIY bookmark ideas.  I came across this Quick Craft from the blog DIY Home.  I decided to adapt this craft to my own artistic style.  Below are the materials and steps to create your own.

Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks 6" x 3/4"
Acrylic paint
Acrylic varnish
Paintbrushes and a stencil brush
Mini Stencils
Paint pallet
Wax paper
Step 1:
Paint the solid color. I use wax paper to prevent the sticks from sticking to my painting surface. *Depending on the age of the craft sticks, you may want to apply a multi-purpose sealer prior to painting the solid color.

Step 2:
Paint your design on the wooden piece you have chosen to be the front.  For the pineapple, banana, and strawberry designs, I used a mini stencil that I made myself.  A stencil brush helps prevent bleed through underneath the stencil.  

Step 3:
Once the base designs are stenciled on, next comes adding the detail.  I use a collection of very small paint brushes (I like to paint tiny.) Dots are added for extra color and pop.

Step 4:
Coat each wood piece with a clear varnish

*All photos taken and owned by me