About Stacey:

I have been artistic since childhood. I studied Art for all 4 years while attending Dallastown Area High School in York, PA. My talents were developed further while studying Art at Millersville University in the mid-1990s. Though my Bachelor of Arts Degree is in Music, the Visual Arts have always been an integral part of her life.

I am a lover of music, art, and nature. I turn to music and nature for inspiration. My love for nature is often evident in my artwork.

Near York County Heritage Rail Trail

About Snowywinds Studios: 

I like butterflies, nature, gardens, and pets, as well as protecting Mother Earth. I love to paint & create visual art that reflects my folk, hippie, colorful, nature style. My creations take form as decorative magnets and upcycled handbags.

My parents have old slate shingles in their shed from a past girl scout folk art project. I began recycling this slate for hand-painted novelty magnets that feature butterflies, flowers, & garden items. I have since added recycled tile and beach seashells.
My first purse was made from a design I had painted on a pair of jeans. The jeans had worn out, but I saved the design. Years later, I combined that applique piece with khaki fabric from an old pair of pants. The purse strap was inspired by my uncle's 35mm camera neck strap. Wherever I went, people would comment on my purse. This inspired me to make more designs that would eventually be put together into my Etsy shop.

Where does the name Snowywinds come from? I was trying to come up with a clever email address to represent my music & art studios. 'Snowy' happens to be my hippie name given to me by my parents (& while I'm glad it's not my real name, it's a cute nickname - Snowy Winter.) 'Winds' represents the fact I am a professional woodwind player.