December 26, 2018

#MeettheMakerWeek 2018

picture of several handmade denim purses

During the week after Thanksgiving, I participated in the Instagram challenge #MeettheMakerWeek.  This challenge is coordinated by artist and small business owner, Joanne Hawker.  You can learn more about Joanne at her website and on Instagram

This is the second year I've participated in this week-long challenge.  I have also participated in the month-long challenge #MarchMeettheMaker.  Instagram is my favorite social media medium.  I enjoy being able to share pictures of what I'm making.  Additionally, I have always loved taking pictures of nature (trees, flowers, water) and I find Instagram to be ideal for sharing those images.  Lastly, I include a weekly pic and Insta-stories of my dog, Jules.  I can be found at @snowywindgrams.  For this blog post, I'm sharing my pictures, with the post, from #MeettheMakerWeek.  

~Thank you!

*All photos taken and owned by me