May 13, 2017

My Etsy Shop


I began my Etsy shop in 2011. It doesn’t seem like that long ago. I had less than 20 listings, but it was finally time to go for it. I kept at it, gradually adding more pieces and improving my listings. The next year I finally had 2 sales!
Today my shop has just over 50 listings with a goal of reaching 100 listings by September.  My listings fall into two main categories; handmade handbags and hand-painted gifts.  Both reflect my hippie style and unique artistic style.  I enjoy painting with bright colors.  Two of my favorite artists are Frank Stella and Henri Matisse, both known for their use of bright colors.  I was very fortunate to be exposed to modern art at a young age, having visited the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.  I also had two fantastic art teachers in high school who found it essential to take their students to prominent art museums to witness the work of the masters.

The perfectionist in me always strives for realism in my art, but yet I can not avoid modern impressionism.  Following after my grandfather, Frank Winter, I use photographs to draw and paint from. After conceptualizing the design in my head and sketching my idea, I turn to photographs to get the detail, color, and proportion.  Even when using ‘unrealistic’ colors, for example pink mushrooms, I still seek to get my proportion and shading correct.

Snowywinds Studios on Etsy allows me to share my creations.  Today, I find myself painting on recycled slate shingles, seashells, and fabrics.  My in-person events also include hand painted bricks, river rocks, and clothespins.  Nine months of the year I am a school teacher.  As summer break approaches, I look forward to getting more ideas from my head to the paint brush.  My artistic journey can be followed more closely on Instagram: @snowywindgrams

“I paint flowers so they will not die” ~Frida Kahlo