Music Studio

Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance
Shepherd University, WV

Instruments: Flute, piccolo, alto saxophone, clarinet, oboe 

As a musician, I have had the opportunity to perform with area theater orchestra pits, orchestral ensembles, and church choirs.  Orchestra pits I have performed with include the Allenberry Playhouse, Fulton Opera House, Ephrata Performing Arts Center, Carlisle Theater, and Apollo Civic Theater in Martinsburg, WV.  I also assist with high school musical productions and have played in the orchestra pit for Encore Homeschool Productions, Conestoga Valley HS, and East Pennsboro HS. 

My Music Experience:
The initial reason I chose to use the term ‘Studios’ behind Snowywinds is that in addition to being artistic, I am also a classically trained musician.  In this story, I would like to tell you a little about what I love about playing music.

I began playing flute in 4th grade. I could not wait to start playing a musical instrument and the prestige that came with being in the elementary school ‘band.’ I picked it up very quickly (clear tone & no light-headedness) and after proving myself for 2 years, I was able to take private lessons.

In middle school, I played in symphonic band, orchestra, and York Junior Symphony.  My ensemble participation continued in high school, only this time it was York Youth Symphony and I added the high school musical.  And boom, I was hooked.  I wanted to play musicals for the rest of my life!

Middle-aged me is happy to say, I am still playing musicals!  I have played for high schools, community theaters, and professional theater.  Sometimes I only have to play flute and piccolo, but for most shows, I play clarinet and alto sax as well.  The music parts for woodwinds are all labeled ‘Reed’ and most contain multiple instruments.  It is not uncommon to change instruments within a single song during the show.  It’s a skill not many flute players are willing to pick up, but my love for musicals made it a must. 

The cliche is that you can be whatever you want to be.  Even though I am not a “full-time” professional musician, I am a musician.  And I enjoy playing music.

My favorite musicals to perform are:

Into the Woods
Secret Garden
Music Man
Legally Blonde  

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